Wednesday, December 29, 2021


The Two Exact Date Confirmation Signs

On December 31st, 2008, close to midnight into the new year 2009, the Lord gave me a multi faceted number sign. This was the first season of time I was seeking God about when the California mega quake was coming. He showed me 3 numbers when praying for when California is going down. He showed me a 9, a 3 and a 10. This is when he was first getting me into the ballpark of a more fuller knowledge needed. If you add up the 9+3+10, it equals 22 for 2022. That date 9/3/10 was the day Christ church New Zealand had it’s first major earthquake. This was God warning his Christ Church of what’s to come. On 2/22/11 Christ church had it's second quake, as in 2/22 matching all the other signs God has given me on this, for 2022.

Earlier that year, in the spring of 2010, I was shown another exact date. August 10, 2010. I knew tsunami would hit that day because that is what I prayed for to be shown, but I didn’t know where. I had made the mistake to assume it was for California, but this was God just getting me on the path of showing me signs of it coming, because during that late 2009 into 2010 time, I was collecting testimonies that were being sent to me, that were telling us a tsunami was going to hit weeks before the mega quake, so these signs were given to confirm that pattern, that weeks after the tsunami, would be the mega quake. Well, on August 10th, 2010, a tsunami did hit, in Vanuatu. Then weeks later, the Sept 3rd, 2010 Christ Church quake.

Even though I was wrong where it would hit, it blew my mind that I was given the exact date to it. At the time, God was just getting me on the path of getting me accuracy to all of this with these 2 dates, showing me the pattern in the testimonies, that a tsunami then mega quake weeks apart will hit California. Getting those 2 exact date pattern signs back in 2010 was quite the mind blowing experience. That era was what first put me on the path of some serious signs to all of this and was a learning curve I’ll never forget. Not just prophecy, but prophecy with exact date timing! Even though I didn’t understand the fullness of what was going on at the time, those 2 exact date signs were special.

Watch for the Japan tsunami in September, then weeks later, the California mega quake.